Halo 5 A Hero Falls
TV Commercial, A hero falls and the universe mourns.
60secs, 2015
Produced by Furlined
215Mccann & 343
Super bowl commercial for Mobile Strike
60 Secs 2016
Produced by Furlined
Commercial for 2k video games' iconic series, telling the tale of the
aftermath of an event in an isolated town
3mins, 2013
Produced by Recommended, Team One & created by 2k Games
Starring Dominic Moynahan
Trailer for the Feature Film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
2mins, 2015
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Greys
Teaser for "The Greys" a son searches for the truth
5mins, 2013
in homage to the W. Striber creation
Starring Michael Ironside & Grey Damon & Taye
Under Armor
Slay Your Next Giant
Interactive film 40secs 2015
The story of six different footballers
Resistance 3
Commercial for the Playstation game, showing a journey of a group of
survivors in rural america
2mins, 2011
Produced by Sony, Insomniac Games, &
created at Prologue Films
War Without
Television commercial for the mobile game
60 Secs 2015
Produced by Furlined
Halo 5 Launch
Second TV commercial for the Halo Series
90secs, 2015
Produced by Furlined
215Mccann & 343
Commercial for the online game
60secs 2015
Produced by Furlined
The Bureau
Commercial for 2k games, the hidden world of the
government agents in Pima New Mexico
2.5mins, 2013
Produced by Recommended, Team One &
created by 2k Games
Commercial for the award winning video game
1mins, 2015
Produced by Furlined, Team One &
created by Turtle Rock
The Hunt
Commercial, showing three different parts of the Resistance 3 world
2mins, 2012
Produced by Sony, Insomniac Games &
Prologue Films
Commercial for the mobile game Dragons of Atlantis
40seconds 2014
Produced by Furlined, AKQA